How to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape

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Howdy, gentlemen

So I’ve got two questions for you, how do you choose your hairstyle ? Do you just go to the barber and ask him to do what’s in the trend ?

You decide to get a new haircut. You find time and you go to a barber and tell him to do it like a footballer. But it ends up looking bad and you spend that whole night figuring out how to make it less ugly (…it will look ugly anyway !). Sounds familiar ?

Gentlemen, we all have different face shapes and not every hairstyle is made for your face. A good hairstyle should make your face look more attractive. It should add some structure to your face making it look nothing less than a handsome face.

So today I’m gonna tell you how to choose a hairstyle that is right for your face but first thing first,

How to identify your face shape ?

There are basically SIX face shapes. You will find others too but believe me there are only these six and you are one of them. So you gotta do some measurements here (and that’s why models have so perfect face).

Face length: Measure from the center of your hairline to the bottom of the chin.

Forehead: Measure from the top of your one eyebrow to the top of the other.

Cheekbones: Measure from the visible extreme of one cheekbone just below the eye to the extreme of the other.

Jawline: Measure the face width with your lips lying in the middle or measure from center of your lips to the on jaw below your ear and multiply it by two.

With all the readings on the paper determine if your face shape is…

1.Oval: Face length is more than the width of the cheekbones. Forehead is greater than the jawline and the jaw has is round without any defined angle.

2.Square: Here all measurements are same. The face length is same as width of the cheekbones. width of cheekbones and jawline is also same and there’s a sharp angle to the jaw.

3.Round: Width of the cheekbones and the face length is similar. Also Forehead and jawline is same, which is less than the cheekbones and face length. The jaw is soft with no angle

4.Oblong: Here face length will be greatest of them all where the cheekbones, jawline and forehead are same in size.

5.Diamond: Face length is the largest then the cheekbones, forehead and jawline is the smallest. Chin is pointed.

6.Triangular: Jawline measures greater than the cheekbones, which is greater than the forehead.

So you must have figured out your face shape, I believe. So lets go find out which hairstyles you can style.


Think Jake Gyllenhaal. This is a face shape that is ideal for women not for men but still this face shape is hot why?  because it’s a blank canvas. You can draw almost any hairstyle here and it will look good.

BUT still not every hairstyle is made for oval. Remember this, ‘keep your hair off your forehead or you’ll end up looking more round’. So we have EVERY HAIRSTYLE-HAIR LYING ON FOREHEAD=PERFECT HAIRSTYLE FOR OVAL.

Hairstyles you can style: Try fades with pompadour, undercuts, slicked back or comb over, upward quiff, spikes, side parting, buzz or like Jake Gyllenhaal favorite, crew cut.

Avoid fringes, bangs or downward quiff that cover your forehead and make it look rounder.

Remember not to go hyper with beard. Beard from stubble to short length is great as there’s a soft, smooth contour of jawline.


When they say square face, I think Matt Damon, I think Nick Lachey. This shape is most ideal for men. Wonder why GI-Joe dolls and Rambo looked so masculine ? This is the most muscular face shape, I believe because of that strong, chiselled jawline, Arrr.

Now again, any hairstyle goes because of it’s versatility.

Hairstyles you can style: The best haircuts for square face shape range from small hair haircuts such as undercuts, buzz cuts or crew cuts, to longer volume-y hairstyles like brushed ups, quiffs, modern pompadour, messy crops, long slicked back. Try close fades on the sides.

Men with square faces may grow some light stubble to soften the sharpness of the chin and the jawline.


You can always google for Virat Kohli. Remember in the beginning of his carrier, how he looked ? Do you think Anushka would have fallen for that face ? Now we look at him and think,” God who won’t fall for him ?”.

Hairstyles for round faces should add length, angles to the face.

Hairstyles you can style: The best hairstyles for round face include undercuts and high fades coupled with pompadour, faux hawk, fringes, side parts, upward quiffs, spikes. For long hair, slicked back hairstyle is a bomb. Try close to bald fade along with them.

If you’re round and want to keep beard, I’d suggest a full square beard to give your jaw a more chiselled look or short beard to elongate the face a bit.


Also known as rectangular, this shape is longer than they are wide. For reference google Ben Affleck, Akshay Kumar and Adam Sandler.

A hairstyle that lets hair fall to the other sides or on the forehead adds width.

Hairstyles you can style: To avoid looking even longer, men with oblong faces should try short haircuts on the top such as crew cut or buzz cuts. However if f you want more volume on the top don’t fade on the sides and style your hair with side part, slicked back, spikes.

Avoid taking sides too short if you’re keeping the length on the top as this would only elongate your face.

Never go for the full beard I would suggest ! As this would elongate the face. Instead try facial hair that ranges in length from stubble to a short beard.


Now the deal with this face shape is, it is very rear. All other blogs gave me squares, ovals, and oblongs in the name of diamond. But people how can we forget Josh Truesdell in that Ralph Lauren ad.

For men with diamond face shape, I’d suggest a hairstyle that adds width at the forehead.

Hairstyles you can style: As this face shape is long and narrow. Stylists recommend a high volume layered hairstyle like, fringe, faux hawk, brush up, side sweep, long slick back, and textured crop. You can add fade, I’d suggest a mid fade as this would only reduce width at the cheek area.

Avoid high fade and bald sides it would add length and no width at the forehead area.

Diamond face shapes may consider growing some facial hair to soften the chin and the jaw area.


Now many people confuse between triangular and diamond because when we say triangular they think inverted triangle and its close to diamond.

And who’s the celebrity with this face shape ? Gentlemen, presenting Matt Bomer. Now many would say that he’s not a triangle but I’d say he’s managed it well.

What we do here is create symmetry which with this face shape needs little effort.For men with triangular face shape, hairstyle with volume is your best friend.

Hairstyles you can style: Try medium length hairstyles on the top, such as bangs, angular fringes, quiff and comb over. If you want to go short, try crew cut.

Avoid short fades on the sides.

Men with this face shape look good with light stubble but I’ve also seen a lot of them clean shaven.

NOW ! that you know which is your face shape and which hairstyle look good on your face, you’ll still find it difficult to tell your barber what you really want ! I’ve got you covered.

So how to tell your barber/ hair stylist what you want ?

So I’ve told you which hairstyle to go for, I have suggested actors and models who have the same face shape as you. But ! your barber still wont get it right anyway !


Go to google images and search for the hairstyle keyword or the actor or model and download that hairstyle image.

Go to your barber and show that to him. Tell him to do the sides right, tell him to do the top right and he will, for sure, do them right.

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