Hello people,
So, I remember watching Sex and The City movie for the first time. Around the ending, Samantha is lying on the beach and she has a copy of a book. There seems to a moment of disagreement and Samantha throws the book behind her. A year later, a friend of mine suggested me a documentary. It was The Secret. I watched it and everything inside me changed. Then I watched the movie again yesterday and my exact reaction for the same scene was,” stupid move, Samantha! A real. stupid. move.”

You see something changed the day I woke up after watching that documentary. I wanted to be a fashion stylist at that time. To start my career I needed to have a portfolio, so that I can get an internship and for days I procrastinated thinking “one day I’m gonna start making it. One day it’ll be ready, I’ll send it to the best stylist and she’s gonna hire me as her intern.”
That day, I woke up and I decided what if I did something that day. I decided that I’ll hit the stores and borrow some clothes and do the photoshoot. Me and my friends, we entered the mall and I started asking around while they waited outside the stores. I felt little. The same guys who’d smile looking at me on any other day were giving me shit about it not being possible. I kept positive and did my affirmation and visualization and I entered Levi’s. I said “I want to make a portfolio I’m gonna need some clothes of my choice and I’ll pay for security…Blah blah blah” and the answer was…No! I saw someone coming out of the trial room while exiting and started walking. Few moments later, the same guy comes from behind, nudges me and asks me what I really need. I repeat everything and he says,” okay, I’m the manager of the store and I can arrange that”. After that woodland agreed and so did Being Human.

This was my first ever positive experience out of that book. Now I know that it’s not really a quick process but who has the masters in universe studies though? 6 months later after that, during a morning run I injured both of my knees. One of my acquaintances who was into sports in the engineering college had recently injured his ACL while playing cricket and had to go through an ACL reconstruction surgery. Though my symptoms didn’t match to an ACL injury I didn’t go to the hospital for months. I couldn’t run walk or sit, hell I couldn’t even stand for more than 5 minutes. With lot of courage, I decided to get it diagnosed and turned out it can be treated. Doctor said it’s nothing major but I experienced no improvements.

That’s when among the many books at my Aunt’s place I stumbled upon “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louis L. Hay which basically used The Secret to heal the problems of life. Turned out I’m not flexible enough when it comes to my thoughts and actions and that why my body had gone stiff and that’s why I have knee pain. I did the affirmations and the healing that didn’t come for a year came in just 2 months. Today, I jump, run and sprint without that voice in my head saying “you’ll hurt yourself”

See we all have our rock bottoms. People say nothing can be worse than not having friends, being broke, being single, being homeless but imagine not having your body with you. Imagine waking up to dreams and goals but also waking upto a defective body. I really hope this was helpful for you people and I hope you all have amazing experiences out of these two books.