6 tips to grow dense facial hair

Hello handsome!

Today we are going to talk about facial hair. Flashback ! 5 month ago, Dawn, I’m running on the road. I stop to catch my breath. A guy comes to me and asks,”hey buddy! how did you grow your beard so dense”, and believe me, I couldn’t answer. Not only that one time, a lot of people ask me the same question thousand times a month. You might have seen those big and buff guys on the Instagram growing their beards like beasts and you might have thought,” god! why I don’t have any facial hair and when I’m gonna grow some?”. Well, don’t blame God, blame your parents! But save that wrath too because now we are going to discuss factors that affect their growth, how to grow it naturally, and how to grow it densely!

So back then when I did my research, I found out that almost all the stuff the other blogs said, I was into it for 4 years. So here go the tips to grow dense facial hair.


Exercise regularly to reduce the body fat and grow some muscles and a thick, dense beard will be your bonus.How does it work? TESTOSTERONE! For those of you who bunked biology classes, testosterone is a male hormone that brings changes in your body during the stages of puberty and makes you a man from a kid. It goes like this, high testosterone=high beard growth. Higher the levels of testosterone, more beautiful, manly and luscious your beard will be.

2.Give it some nutrients

To have a dense beard you need to feed it and just like your muscles your beard needs proteins too.Along with that it also needs some healthy fats (We are talking ‘Healthy’ people!). So eat foods that have a lot of proteins and healthy fats.And just because I don’t want you to be confused,I have searched some foods that have high proteins and high healthy fats. They are walnuts, almonds, pistachios, nuts, fishes, dark chocolate, soyabean, sunflower seeds, eggs, milk and yogurt. Guys dig in!

3.Eat a lot of Zinc

I don’t want to teach you science so it simply goes like this,lot of zinc= lot of testosterone= lot of facial hair. I’m using this Close Up toothpaste with zinc molecules or something since I was in seventh grade and believe me,my puberty started and finished as per the theory. I don’t know if it helped or not but changing your toothpaste is not gonna do you any harm.

Some other sources of zinc are eggs, spinach, pumpkin seeds, cashews, chocolate, chicken, chickpeas(Channas), watermelon seeds, crabs etc. So there are some combo packs where you can get proteins, healthy fats and zinc. Guys dig in again!

4.Reduce stress

Increased amount of stress in your daily life increases a hormone called Cortisol in your body and higher the cortisol lesser will be the testosterone and lesser …well you know the drill.

Engage yourself into some yoga,stay happy,think less of stuff and you will be rewarded.

5.Eat less sugar

There is again a lot of science in this so breaking it down into simple pieces of information we get High sugar intake= High insulin= Low testosterone.Control or eliminate sugar in your diet and it will help you.Plus studies also say that sugar has very dangerous effects on your body.It increases your ageing process,increases wrinkle and dark circle formation. Guys! you get sufficient sugar from your normal sugar-free diet so you don’t need those cubes.Please throw them into trash. John Abraham does the same and God the guy has great skin and beard.


Studies clarify that drinking a lot of water increases testosterone level significantly so guys please drink a lot of water and plus it will make your skin brighter,lighter,shiny and pimple free.

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