5 Shoes Every Man Should Own Right Now


So I’ve met some pretty Intelligent and awesome people and almost all of them said that they don’t interrogate with someone to know them, to judge them and to get impressed by them, their shoes do that for them.

How Smart is that? You wanna know if a guy is confident, caring and attentive to details?  look down! brown Oxfords! Clean! pants not falling on them! BAM! You got your guy.

To be honest, there were days when I’d wear only one pair of shoes throughout the whole week. I was 17 back then and I’d these Adidas sneakers that I’d wear whenever and wherever I go.

Thanks to god that he’s put some sense in me. But still there are people around me all the time who wear one or two pairs of shoes only and I think,” What a nobrainer!”

So I’ve recommended these 5 shoes that every guy must own to look the best of himself and turn some eyes down.

 1.Running shoes

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If you ask me that one pair of shoes that you can wear almost all the time, I’d suggest your running shoes.

Wear them to workout with your gym shorts, to office with your suit, to party with your denim joggers ! God you can wear them everywhere.

I’ll say that every man on this planet should own running shoes. Why? Because you need to workout ! Every single guy needs to workout and that’s why every single guy needs one of these. It goes without saying.

How to wear them?

If you’re  wearing them only for your workout buy them of any color grey, black, white, neon orange, red or any other color that draws attention.

But if you’re experimenting and wearing them with your suit or blazer buy them of black, grey or white color. That way you will not draw attention away from your suit and you will do your HUGO BOSS some justice.

Wear them in black with your black suit with a white shirt and make sure sole is white.

Wear them in white with your grey or charcoal suit. And always watch the fall.

Wear them in any color with your jogger, shorts, slim fit jeans with no-show socks along with a long white tee for that street look.

2.White Sneakers

This is the 2nd pair of shoes that I’d recommend without which no man’s wardrobe is complete. You must have seen those Instagram street fashion bloggers pulling off these.

They are perfect, clean, elegant and they go with a lot of casual outfits. They also look great when paired properly with more formal outfits.

How to wear them?

Wear them with shorts, chinos, jeans, with socks, with no-show socks or without socks, they will just look phenomenal.

AND…with your grey, charcoal and blue checked suit? SUBLIME! But hey! watch the fall of your pants. They should not rest on your shoes to form that horizontal fold.


Now personally I don’t wear loafers a lot because the one’s that I’ve got…well I’m too ashamed to wear them out. But they are really stylish and super comfortable and versatile that I feel this wild urge to go shop for them.

Now there are like dozens of types of loafers out there. Penny, Hazel, Tassel, Slipper, Pump, Boat, Espadrille, Kilt, Driving and dozens of appropriate times and same types of apparels to wear them with.

How to wear them?

Shorts-  Driving, Slipper, Boat, Espadrille

Jeans- Hazel, Kilt, Driving, Slipper, Boat, Espadrille.

Suit- Penny, Hazel, Tassel, Kilt.

Tux- Pump.

Now the one ultimate mistake that most of “so called Stylish” guys do is, wearing socks with loafers. Gentlemen! You never wear socks with loafers and the ones that you wear can’t peep out of your shoes, yes! wear the no-show socks, if you need to put them on.

4.Oxford or Derby shoes

Now if  you do job or business, it is a must that you own at least one suit. You must have it in your closet!

So when you buy a suit and you don’t buy a pair of Oxford or Derby dress shoes, buddy! your look is officially and royally fucked up.

Of course you can buy any other dress shoes but…no no no I’m not listening, just get your ass out into store and buy one.

There are like thousand colors and million shades out there. Also there’s longwing, wingtip, semi brogue, plain toe, apron toe, split toe et cetera, et cetera. according to their brogueing and toe styles. But I’d suggest plain toe or cap toe and as for the color…black and dark brown will do fine.

How to wear them?

Wear them with your suit or blazer. Wear them with socks or with no-show socks. But don’t even think of pulling them off on Sunday, to a beach party, with your shorts or jeans and t-shirt.

Follow these simple equations and you can never wear them wrong, ever if you’re the biggest sartorial no-brainer.

Black Suit=black dress shoes.

Charcoal suit=Brown or burgundy dress shoes

Medium and light gray suit=Black, brown or burgundy dress shoes.

Navy Blue suit=Black, brown, or burgundy dress shoes

Blue suit=Black,brown or burgundy dress shoes

Brown suit=Brown or burgundy dress shoes.

White suit=black,dark brown or tan dress shoes.

And same for the blazers, but put on appropriate trousers that compliments your blazer and shoes.

5.Chelsea Boots

The fifth pair of shoes that i’d like to recommend here is the Chelsea boots and these are my absolute favorite ones.

WHY? Because they’re simple, freakishly stylish,classic, you can dress them up, you can dress them down,People! they are effortless fashion.

You can wear the same pair of boots in the day with your jeans and in the night with the suit to a party. NO wonder they are so popular these days.

Chelsea boots look  better in black, so if you’re planning to buy these, get the black first and then get brown,tan,burgundy or other exotic ones like green, blue,red if you wanna make a statement.

How to wear them?

Wear black Chelsea boots with dark suits, Chinos with a dress shirt and a navy blazer, with blue jeans and white t-shirt along with a bomber jacket for that Instagram-ey street look.

Wear brown Chelseas with medium and light colored suits, with slim fit jeans along with a dress shirt or a polo.

Wear burgundy ones with almost everything, because this bad boy in burgundy is most versatile.

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